Based On Uncertainty

I’ve spent the last 2 hours watching a screen and feeling so utterly connected to the emotions, sensations, and thoughts it evoked from my very core. As soon as I pressed the power button on my DVD player to turn a simple screen display off, a spiritual light bulb turned on in my soul. “Rachel, what did you get from that?” Pausing, I questioned if what I was hearing was God or just my conscience.  But, what if God was using my conscience to pluck away the thoughts I have allowed the media and the entertainment industry to implant within my mind?

It brought me to a much more “heavy” conclusion. For you see, we live in a world so contingent upon images and “sight triggers” that we become numb to the standard in which God is calling us to possess. However, it would be overly dramatic to present the idea that people who love God should never watch movies. But, how much is necessary?

Normative in lifestyle, we tend to fill our day-to-day lives with thousands of  mega pixels whether that be scrolling through pictures on Facebook or watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager, neglecting the fact that both of them present false realities. How? How could this be a false reality?

The truth of the matter lies within an “image’s” ability to stray one from the truth. It presents a state of a person or a moment in time, but yet fails to consider how that person, place, or thing changes within an amount of time. As I am a student of physics, I understand that when one neglects to calculate the final time in correlation with the initial time, answers are skewed and cannot be used. Shouldn’t the same principle apply to our lives? Right now? This very day? This very minute?

The “truth” is we are not creators of time or truth.  The only “truth” was set long ago before we existed.  We are only observers of what’s real or maybe even “discoverers” of this already pre-fashioned truth.  Therefore, everything else is uncertain. However, we live in times where truth seems to present itself in the very forms of Facebook images, award-winning motion pictures, and even mental pictures of the state of our world.

Our brains were designed to hold much more than an image.  What if we could hold the very knowledge of God within one dendrite? What if the mysteries that were to be revealed could be demonstrated within the power of our minds to transform our thoughts daily? Oh, how we pervert the calling of God on our lives when we allow this-worldly truth to define us.

Our we not any different from our ancestors and forefathers who worshipped graven images? Maybe so, maybe not, but regardless, the only certainty is that God is the only source of all truth, all understanding, and all knowledge. We realize this when we allow our lives to be so consumed by worldly, tangible false-truth, that we become broken with thoughts and images that do not CONTINUE to exist.  The only “continuer” of time if the Hand of God moving in our lives.  He’s all around us, yet, we desensitize our selves every time we choose to pour more of the world into our body of flesh.  We cannot be apt carriers of the truth if we are not discipline enough to notice “good things” from “God things”.

The certainty is we live in a world based on uncertainty, but we have the option to know all that is certain and then for this certainty to live on the inside of us. Then, we can realize, day-to-day is uncertain. Images are not certain. The voting polls are not certain. The famine in Somalia is not certain. The sunshine is not certain. Textbook answers are not certain. So, if we can be the people who live in uncertain times and thrive of certainty, than we can fulfill the calling of God on our lives to bring Heaven on Earth, to be a set-aparte community.

Yes! The tangible certainty of God lies within the complex structure of your simply seen fingernail.  We neglect to see that with this simple fingernail, He can use us to touch the lives of those living in confusion and bring peace on Earth.  Movies, images they are time fillers. Time fillers in a world of uncertainty that longs to be defined be the source of its creation: God.

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